The Division of Kinesiology at the University of Central Florida is dedicated to serving the university and community at large by providing excellence in undergraduate and graduate education of sport and exercise science related professionals while promoting lifelong fitness and wellness through the integration of higher education and corporate partnerships.

Mission, Vision, and Goals


The Division of Kinesiology will strive to be the leader in the preparation of Sport and Exercise Science related professionals.

  • Combining scientific and theoretical knowledge acquisition with practical hands-on applications and expertise of a variety of Sport and Exercise Science faculty, facilities, associations, and organizations.
  • Continually reviewing the design, delivery, assessment, and enhancement of high quality and innovative instruction and program curriculum.
  • Becoming a premier destination and resource for matters relating to the fitness, exercise, health, and sport sciences.
  • Providing high caliber practicum experiences and integrated service learning opportunities.
  • Infusing cutting edge technologies and research findings into instruction, research, and service.
  • Developing and maintaining strong collaborative relationships with our local, regional, national, and international communities.
  • Developing relationships and attracting partnerships with Sport and Exercise Science associations, organizations, and facilities across the spectrum of the sport, fitness and health industries.

Program Goals


  • Serve as a National and International conduit for sport and exercise science research
  • Provide a portal for the collection and dissemination of research findings
  • Develop a state of the art Research Institute in Central Florida
  • Identify and pursue future directions for research
  • Seek research grants, fellowships, and awards


  • Provide professional integrity by taking a leadership role in the development and administration of certifications and testing programs
  • Serve by sponsoring conferences and seminars which will present research as well as provide training, certifications, and credentials
  • Utilize “cutting edge” technology and equipment in the Exercise Science Laboratory
  • Meet the educational and training needs of diverse populations


  • Be an integral part of central Florida communities
  • Develop and collaborate with partners who share the same goals
  • Facilitate projects and partnerships with international experts in the field
  • Provide international student, coach, and faculty exchanges
  • Provide a link between education, industry, and community

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