The Department of Health Sciences at the University of Central Florida is dedicated to preparing students with an interest in human health to be competitive applicants for graduate or professional programs in health professions. The Department of Health Sciences provides a comprehensive educational background in basic and health-related sciences that cover the foundation courses required for admission to graduate professional programs in the health field. Our faculty delivers the highest quality of undergraduate teaching — incorporating learning, research and professionalism — for our students to become future leaders improving the health and medical needs of our community.

The Department of Health Sciences strives to be a leading contributor in the health professions field by providing the highest quality of undergraduate education to improve the standards and quality of our nation’s future health professionals.

Goal 1: Prepare an academically strong and professionally competitive pool of student applicants for admission into clinical or non-clinical graduate programs in the health field.

Goal 2: Provide students with academic and clinical experiences that enhance their knowledge and preparation for careers in the health care field.

Goal 3: Establish and implement opportunities for students to participate in volunteering and community outreach activities.

Goal 4: Enhance Health Sciences advising services to provide mentorship and accurate, timely and consistent academic and pre-professional advising.

Goal 5: Attract high-quality faculty and staff to foster exceptional standards in teaching, research and community outreach.

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